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*Blog Tour* Surrender (Club X #2) by K.M. Scott + Teasers + Book Trailer @kmscottromance @the_booknuts

Club X #2
K.M. Scott

Stefan March lives for a good time. Born into wealth, he sees everything in terms of what he can have, especially women. So far, life has denied him nothing and no one. When he meets his newest bartender, he instantly knows who his next conquest will be, but Shay's not like the usual women he collects. To get her, he'll have to be more than just the player he's always been.

Shay Callahan is beautiful, determined, and intelligent. She's got plans for her life, and they don't include getting sidetracked by a man, and certainly not her wealthy player boss. Her job at Club X is for one thing—money to fund her education—but if she can make Stefan March see he's not God's gift to women, all the better. She never expects to find out there's more to him than meets the eye.

As different as day and night, can these two see past who they think they are to find love?


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(Club X #1)

Cassian March, the public face of Tampa's most exclusive nightspot, Club X, has a great life. Women, sex, and money are his for the taking, and no man indulges his desires more. Life is short, and he plays hard. He lives by only one rule—never let a woman get close.

Olivia Lucas needs a job, and if that means working at a club that specializes in making members' wildest fantasies come true, then that's what she'll do. A girl's got to pay the rent, right? She never expected to fall for the gorgeous owner of Club X, though, but a man like him would never go for someone like her. Or would he?


K.M. Scott writes erotic contemporary romance and thinks she has the best job in the world! A New York Times and USA Today bestselling author, she loves to write sexy Alpha heroes and the strong women they fall hard for, giving them stories that keep her readers turning the page until the very end. When she’s not writing, she can be found reading or feeding her TV addiction, always with a tall glass of iced tea (or a martini) by her side. Fans can find her on Facebook, Twitter, her blog, or through email, which she loves to receive.

*Review* The Stark Affair Book One: Heat by Skylar Cross @MarkMyWordsPR

The Stark Affair Book One: Heat
Skylar Cross

Colton Stark is filthy rich. A billionaire playboy who drives fast and plays hard, he enjoys an endless stream of party girls... at his mansion, on his yacht, and in his private jet.
He's also top of Miami-Dade Police Department's list of suspected narcotics traffickers.
Tough girl cop Sofia grew up on the mean streets of Miami, unafraid to kick anyone's ass. When asked to investigate Colton, she doesn't even consider it a challenge.
Until she comes face-to-face with Colton Stark's penetrating blue eyes.
After a steamy meeting at his South Beach club, Sofia finds herself playing a dangerous but sexy game with her own principles. As evidence mounts of Colton Stark's dirty dealings, together they spark a bonfire of passionate heat.
Mature content. 18+ only.

Sofia Martinez is a cop in Miami. She is a tough woman and isn’t afraid to say what she thinks. She is sent in an undercover mission: get close to Colton Stark, a billionaire playboy, in order to discover if he’s involved in drug trafficking and if he’s been embezzling money from his company.
Colton Stark is a billionaire playboy and the face of Stark Worldwide. Although he owns 49% of the company, Stark Worldwide is controlled by his father’s friend and business partner Jasper Van der Graaf and by the Board. He wants to leave the company and has a plan to do it.

This is a short novella, the 1st novella in a 4 part series of novellas.

This is a very interesting story and also very sexy. I loved how Sofia dealt with the scumbag in the club. Loved that scene! Colton’s story is very gripping and I can’t wait to read what he has been planning, what is “The Group” and in what shady things is his company involved with.

Sofia is a great character. She is strong and fierce. She always wanted to be a cop, but her father doesn't approve of her career choice, even though he was a cop himself. She is bisexual and has a brother that's gay.
Colton is a very interesting character. He is a playboy genius that lives up to the playboy fame. He is bored with the life he has been living and wants it to change. He wants to leave the country, find the right woman and have children. However, that will be difficult because of Jasper.

I can’t wait to read how this story will play out! What will happen between Colton and Sofia? What is “The Group”? What does Jasper know about Colton?

Skylar Cross wrote a very gripping and interesting story, with great scenes and very steamy moments.

I love dark, mysterious, and deviant. Powerful dominant alpha males with troubled pasts who find strong but unfulfilled submissive women. Both need to escape the "rules" of society (just like me... haha.) Together they make hot steamy delight and fill in each other's damaged parts. This is me. This is what I write. Hope you like it.