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*Blog Tour + #Review + #Giveaway* Justified (Alpha Law #1) by Aurora Rose Reynolds + Excerpt @auroraroseR @RSofRomance

Meet Nolan & Chloe is this HOT, quick read
by Aurora Rose Rose Reynolds


Alfha Law #1
Aurora Rose Reynolds

Release Date: December 29th, 2014

*** Synopsis ***

After the first sighting, he's fascinated.
After the first smile, he's infatuated.
By the first kiss, he's obsessed.
Nolan sees Chloe through a window of a bakery in downtown Manhattan. At first sight, something about her calls to a piece of him he thought was lost. Without thinking, he begins watching her, and when the moment presents itself, he strikes, claiming Chloe for himself.

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*** Excerpt ***

“GET UP,” I tell Chloe as I walk into the bedroom.

“For what?” she asks, looking at me from over the top of her Kindle, not moving.

“You’re not going to lie around and pout all day. Now, get up.”

“I’m not pouting.” She frowns.

I shake my head, walk over to her, rip the Kindle out of her hand, and toss it onto a chair across the room.

“Hey! I was reading that,” she complains, crossing her arms over her chest and glaring at me.

“I don’t know what happened to my submissive little Angel, but I’m telling you now — what you’re going to be doing is getting undressed, getting on your knees, opening that pretty mouth of yours, and sucking my cock until I tell you to stop. Then, if you’re good, I will eat your little pussy until you come,” I growl, pulling her out of bed. “When I’ve had my fill of your taste, you’re going to climb up on my cock and ride me until we both come.”

*** Review ***

If you love Alpha Males, then Justified by Aurora Rose Reynolds is the perfect book for you!

One day, Nolan sees Chloe and immediatly knows she is the one for him and that he has to have her.

They begin a relationship and are happy together. However, there is someone trying to sabotage their relationship. Will their relationship last?

This is a very sexy and steamy story and very fast paced.

Nolan joins the Ultimate Alpha Male Club: he is possessive, protective and obsessive. He wants Chloe and will do everything he can to have her. He may seem a little bit psycho because of some things he does, but we can see that he truly loves Chloe.
Chloe is an innocent young woman that flourishes when sje starts dating Nolan. She is very submissive but has her feisty moments.

Loved Justified! It is a great story with awesome characters. Although it is a short read, it is a very hot one that makes you want more.

Once again, Aurora Rose Reynolds wrote a fantastic book and I can't wait to read more of the Alpha Law series and all her other books!

Aurora Rose Reynolds

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Underground Kings #1

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*** About the Author ***

Aurora Rose Reynolds is a navy brat who's husband served in the United States Navy. She has lived all over the country but now resides in New York City with her Husband and pet fish. She's married to an alpha male that loves her as much as the men in her books love their women. He gives her over the top inspiration everyday. In her free time she reads, writes and enjoys going to the movies with her husband and cookie. She also enjoys taking mini weekend vacations to nowhere, or spends time at home with friends and family. Last but not least she appreciates everyday and admires it's beauty.

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*Book Tour + #Giveaway* Lies Unspoken (Flawed Love #1) by Lisa De Jong + Excerpt @LisaDeJongBooks @RSofRomance

Meet Lila & Blake in this unexpected love story!


Lies Unspoken
Flawed Love #1
Lisa De Jong

Release Date: December 14th, 2014

*** Synopsis ***

I tried hard not to fall for the bad guy.

My new roommate, Blake, is a jerk — an unemployed artist with a chip on his shoulder. I can't stand him unless his hands are on me. He makes me desperate for him, and everything he makes me feel.

And then there's my new boss, Pierce - successful, charming, and extremely good-looking. He goes after what he wants, but what does he see in me?

I try to stay away, but I end up in the arms of exactly who I was hiding from. And when I find out what's being hidden from me, my heart twists in ways it never should.

I thought I knew him.
I didn't.
The way he kissed me.
The way his hands traveled every inch of my skin.
I thought it meant something, but as it turns out, it was all lies unspoken.

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*** Excerpt ***

Without warning, his lips crash into mine. At first I fight it, pushing hard against his chest, but he tastes like whiskey. Woodsy and smoky like a campfire, matching the intensity of his kiss. He melts away my anger with his mouth, leaving days’ worth of unrealized sexual tension in its wake.

He tastes.

I lean into him.

He sucks.

My knees go weak.

He isn’t something I wanted. Not three weeks ago. Not even three minutes ago. But as his hands slide up my back, coming up to circle my neck, I’m drowning in want. He tilts my head back to allow himself better access. My tongue tangles with his. Never in a million years did I envision this … how much pleasure I would feel from a simple touch. I guess sometimes we have to have our desires at our fingertips to realize their true depth.

When his lips leave mine, his hands stay. We went from one extreme to another so quickly... I’m not sure what will happen when he pushes the brakes. His face is close, like he wants to kiss me again, but his hands fall away from me instead.


One step back.


Another step.

“Let me—”

Another step. His back hits my bedroom wall.

“Do that again.”

As he exits the room, I’m left wondering what the heck just happened. That kiss took all the cells in my brain and tangled them. I never imagined this, and I hate to admit it but I liked it.

*** About the Author ***

Lisa De Jong is a wife, mother and full-time number cruncher who lives in the Midwest. Her writing journey involved insane amounts of coffee and many nights of very little sleep but she wouldn't change a thing. She also enjoys reading, football and music.

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*Promo Tour + #Giveaway* Enforce (Eagle Elite #1.5) by Rachel Van Dyken + Excerpt + Book Trailer @RachVD @InkSlingerPR

Eagle Elite #1.5
Rachel Van Dyken

Release Date: December 18, 2014

*** Synopsis ***

There’s two sides to every story...
And ours? Isn't pretty...
Then again, what's pretty about the mafia?
Trace Rooks, that’s what.
But she only wants one of us, and I'll kill him before I let him have her.
The only problem?
We're cousins.
And she may just be our long lost enemy.
Whoever said college was hard, clearly didn't attend Eagle Elite University.
Welcome to hell also known as the Mafia where blood is thicker than life, and to keep yours? Well, keep your friends close, and your enemies?
Even closer...

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*** Excerpt ***


When we reached the dorms, she began to shake. I didn’t know what to do to fix it. She reached in her purse but couldn’t seem to get her hands past the barrier of the half-opened zipper.

With a curse, I pulled out my card and swiped it across the access code for the elevator.

My hand naturally fell to her back as I gently pushed her in.

The elevator was big — but it may as well have been a shoebox. Every breath she took, every shudder that wracked her body destroyed my sanity.

I wanted to touch her.

Instead, I did the only thing I knew I could do that wouldn’t flag me as being disloyal to blood.

I stood as close as possible. My hand hovered near her skin, feeling like it was damn-near singeing from the heat her body was giving off.

When we finally made it into their room, Mo started yelling.

“He’s an ass! I know I shouldn’t defend him, but if he would have known they were your grandma’s shoes—”

I put my hand in the air. “I don’t get it. What’s so important about—”

“She’s dead, you asshole!”

Yeah. I’d forgotten that.

Like a complete jackass.

Traces face fell as more tears streamed across her plump lips.

And the pieces of the puzzle fell together. Yes, she was upset about what Nixon had done, but even when he shamed her in front of everyone it wasn’t the fact that he’d embarrassed her — it was the fact that he’d unintentionally ripped her heart out and stomped on it.

By the looks of her clothes on the first day, she didn’t have a lot of money or possessions, meaning only one thing. The shoes from her Grandma? Probably one of the only things she had of value.

With a curse, I stomped out of the room. Tex followed, eerily quiet for a guy who normally talked his ass off.

“So...” Tex shoved his hands in his pockets once we were in the safety of the elevator. “...that was—”

“Shut the hell up,” I barked and stormed out of the elevator so he wouldn’t follow me.

Tex barked out a laugh and went in the opposite direction. With shaking hands, I dialed the number to the closest supplier.

“I need your most expensive boots from the new spring collection.”

“I’d be happy to help you with your purchase, sir, but you need to know those are specific boots are—”

“Get them for me. Now. I need them by six.”


“In the morning,” I said slowly. “Size nine.”

“Of course, sir.”

The line went dead.

But adrenaline continued to surge through my veins. I didn’t know what else to do except sit outside the dorms and wait until the boots arrived.

So that’s exactly what I did.

I sat in the shadows and waited. By the time five-thirty rolled around, I got another phone call, and the boots were delivered into my hands by one of my associates.

I wanted to put them at her door. I wanted to be the guy to apologize, and I wasn’t doing it on Nixon’s behalf. No, I was doing it for me.

Cursing the Mafia the entire way up to her floor, I clenched the boots in my hand and went to her room.

I’d written a note.

It was lame.

Who wrote notes? It was like I’d reverted to middle school, but I wanted to do something special, something extra. Hell, after that shitty day, I should have put a bottle of wine in one of the boots with a sedative.

I raised my hand to knock. Visions of Trace opening the door filled my head. She’d, of course, give me a hug, invite me in. Maybe it would be the start of our relationship. I’d slowly slink into her life and we’d… what? What exactly would happen?

She wasn’t one of us. She didn’t belong in our world.

I put my hand down and stared at the door.

Our future was over before it had even begun.

“Chase?” A female called out my name. “Is that you?”

I turned to the left where Molly, a past booty-call stood wearing nothing but a long tight t-shirt and a smile.

“Yeah.” I looked away.

“You wanna come over for a bit?”

No. I didn’t.

I wanted to knock on the door.

But instead of knocking, and potentially ruining a girl’s life, a girl already on her road to ruination, I stepped back and shook my head.

“Maybe another time, Molly.”

As my footsteps echoed across the floor, I wondered. One day, would I look back on this moment? And wish... I would have knocked?

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Bang Bang

*** About the Author ***

Rachel Van Dyken is the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and USA Today Bestselling author of regency and contemporary romances. When she's not writing you can find her drinking coffee at Starbucks and plotting her next book while watching The Bachelor.

She keeps her home in Idaho with her Husband and their snoring Boxer, Sir Winston Churchill. She loves to hear from readers! You can follow her writing journey at her website.

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