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City of Roses
Donovan Pruitt

Release Date: May 5th 2015

Genres: Fantasy, Paranormal Romance, Young Adult

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✾ Synopsis ✾

A young man ventures to his lost love's childhood home in the abandoned city of Pripyat, Ukraine. When a sudden accident puts him off-course, he awakes to discover a lively and vibrant culture living in a nearby village and a woman who reignites his heart. But something sinister lurks in the shadows, and he must face the terror and help defend the village from evil before it is lost forever. Go beyond the tragedy of Chernobyl and discover the magic in the City of Roses.

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✿ Excerpt ✿

There had been a woman in his headlights. She was a blur on the road, a temporary streak of visual noise coated in a thin white veil that glimmered in the motorcycle high beam. Alex had done everything he could do to avoid her, much to his detriment. He could still hear the squeal of his skidding tires, the buzzing wail of their airborne spin toward the trees, and the hollow punch of his body into the earth.

The fire at his back urged him forward, but the haze of blindness from his fall beckoned the utmost caution. The Geiger counter flipped from his wrist, clicked, and instantly flashed red.

Images flooded his mind to stabilize his failing condition — a last-ditch attempt to stay anchored to consciousness. His body was cold with washes of stinging pain and targeted chills, likely from open wounds and fresh blood. Groaning, Alex crawled forward along the forest floor. Each crunching branch and shuffle of soil echoed out like an extension of his seemingly broken body. He didn't know where he was going, or in which direction, but he knew he had to escape the flames of the wreck in his wake.

Each blink wore heavy. The world disappeared for seconds at a time as his eyelids struggled to part. But even lacking clarity of vision, he knew what would happen if the flames found their way to the gas tank. His body heaved forward, struggling with his last ounce of strength to push along and advance to safety, as far away from the bike as his body would allow.

His ears deceived him. What began as a vehicular engine in the distance was replaced by the heavy drums of an encroaching gallop. Alex was more than surprised to hear horses coming to his rescue, but his relief was shortly soured by the heart-stopping growl that shook the very trees around him. A howl ripped through the night air, more fiercely horrible than any dog or wolf.

He could feel the beast's nostrils flaring as it sniffed, searching the area. It marched in a wide circle around him, claiming its prey. Alex panicked, but found himself physically unable to resist an assault. With his consciousness already drifting away, he succumbed to its call and closed his eyes, allowing fate to take its course.

✿ The Author ✿

Donovan Pruitt has a passion for science fiction and fantasy, especially those titles that trend toward young and new adult storytelling. City of Roses was his first standalone book as an indie author, though he has also written for video games and was previously published as a co-author in the fantasy genre. You can visit him online at www.KalaEmpire.com or join the discussion on Twitter @KalaEmpire.

My Amazon book reviews are available here: https://www.amazon.com/gp/profile/A2BE15IF4S23I1

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