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*Blog Tour + Excerpt + #Giveaway* Pretty Smart Girls: Lace Up by Shae Ross @AuthorShaeRoss @InkSlingerPR

Pretty Smart Girls: Lace Up
Shae Ross

*** Synopsis ***

Team Ryan
Ryan Rose and her fellow Spartans are finalists in a high-profile entrepreneurial competition. They're competing for life-changing money and for their futures. They have a solid plan to win. All they need to do is trounce the competition: rich frat boys from an archrival university. Easy, right?

Team Jett
Jett Trebuchet's first mistake was not realizing that Ryan and her friends were the competition. His second was expressing his unabashed confidence in his team's ability to win. After all, everyone knows the only thing MSU does better than U of M is produce beautiful, easy women... oh, and he almost forgot to say "dumb". And boy, does his team pay for that one.

Game On
As each side tries to game the other, something else seems to be getting in the way — attraction. Now Ryan and Jett must keep their teams from getting distracted by the opposite sex... and each other. All is not fair in love and war when it comes to winning this game.

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*** Excerpt ***

A sniffle escapes me and he looks up.

"Hey," he says in a tone of shock. I keep typing and ignore him. He drops his legs off the table and leans forward.

"Ryan? What's wrong?"

I shove my computer across the table and stand. Jett bolts upward and looks as if he's going to come toward me.

"I'm going to the bathroom," I say, and I start to move past him. His hand reaches out and grips my forearm as I pass. Warm fingers hold me in place.

"Tell me what's wrong."

"It's nothing you would understand," I say.

"Try me," he says.
 I close my eyes and take a deep breath. His thumb moves over my skin. I shake my head.

"I can't do my presentation. I really want to but the subject I am writing about is too emotional for me. I just need a minute." I nod to the door, my eyes pleading with him to let me go. His fingers move reluctantly down my arm and slide off of my skin.

Fifteen minutes later I come back into the room almost composed. Jett's standing, staring out the window. He turns and his look reaches out to me. "You all right?"

"I'm fine." I shrug my shoulders and offer a quick apology, hoping to dismiss the incident. A long silence passes, and I can see him measuring my words. 
"You still want me to present my material?"

"Yeah. If you don't mind."

"I don't mind," he says, and his voice sounds willing to help. I turn away and start to gather my papers. Disappointment runs through me, and I let out a long breath.

"You sure, Ryan?"

I nod. "Yes. I could never get through mine, even with my auto-show wiggle." There's a hint of a smile curling his lips.

He pushes away from the wall and moves back into his seat. "I'll get through it for both of us," he says in a confident tone. "You can show me your auto-show wiggle later." I raise my eyes, and he flashes a sinful smile, then returns his gaze to the computer screen.

Maybe I will... show him... someday...
 What am I thinking? Snap out of it Ryan! 
After ten minutes of pretending to check my emails while Jett works, I look up and another long sigh escapes my lips. I've failed—

"Ryan. Look at me." His smooth voice interrupts my thoughts and he's waiting for me to look up. I raise my gaze to his. As if in slow motion, he lays his forearm down on the table and turns it, open palm.
 I stare at his hand reaching for mine. He moves it closer on the table and spreads his fingers out to me. I raise my hand and drop it into his. He covers my hand entirely in his grip, and a tingling sensation shoots up my arm.

His voice is low and steady. "I got this," he says. "We're partners and you did your part. You wrote your presentation and we decided I'm going to present. That's what we agreed on." He's rubbing his thumb back and forth over my skin, as if I'm someone he cares about. I'm lost in a swirl of charcoal and blue with no desire to find my way out. This must be what it feels like to be Jett Trebuchet's girlfriend.

I tuck the thought onto a shelf in the back of my mind. It's an imaginary shelf that I've stacked with all sorts of episodes from my past, worthy of reconsideration. Some things linger on that shelf for years, while others I take down daily, polish with thought, and reshelf. I may have underestimated Jett Trebuchet.

*** About the Author ***

Shae Ross was born and grew up in Ferndale, Michigan. After graduating high school, Ms. Ross attended Michigan State University and continued her education at Detroit College of Law. Prior to 2014, she spent the majority of her career practicing corporate law, running a successful business and engaged in entrepreneurial ventures.

After having one too many stressful days at the office, Ms. Ross began to consider pursuing her lifelong dream of writing.

Armed with an English degree, an interest in historical settings and a huge collection of romance novels, Ms. Ross put pen to paper and began converting the characters in her head to ink. She soon found herself happily immersed in a new working world that included heroes and heroines, agents and editors, and a multitude of secondary characters.

Ms. Ross' debut novel, PRETTY SMART GIRLS: LACE UP was acquired by Entangled Publishing and is expected to release January of 2015. She currently writes in the new adult and historical romance genres and lives with her husband and three children in Michigan.

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*Teaser Blitz + Excerpt + Book Trailer* Kylie Ryans Box Set by Caisey Quinn‏ @caiseyquinn @wordsmithpublic

We're getting excited about the release of the Kylie Ryans Box Set by Caisey Quinn!

Check out the excerpt and teaser below!

Kylie Ryans Box Set
Caisey Quinn

Release Date: February 12, 2015

Genre: NA Contemporary Romance

Box Set Designed by Sarah Hansen of Okay Creations

*The individual side covers were designed by Emily Tippetts of E.M. Tippetts Book Design.

Model: Teale Shawn Murdock

Photographer: Lauren Watson Perry of Perrywinkle Photography.

*** Synopsis ***

When a girl with nothing to lose ends up on tour with a country artist on the verge of losing everything, she'll have to pull him out of his rut or risk letting him pull her and her dreams down with him.

Girl with Guitar
Girl on Tour
Girl in Love* (Deluxe Extended Edition previously only available in paperback)

Includes sneak peeks of the spin off novellas Lost in Lyrics (Steven and Mia), and Song of My Heart: The Gretchen Gibson story. And a bonus sneak peek of Leaving Amarillo, book one in the Neon Dreams series coming in March from Avon/William Morrow.

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Praise for the Kylie Ryans series

"Kylie Ryans has the perfect mix of talent, strength, vulnerability, and chutzpah. An unputdownable read."
E.M. Tippetts, bestselling author of the Fairytale series

"A refreshing heroine and a great story you'll hate to put down!"
Jen McLaughlin, NYT Bestselling author of the Out of Line series

"What an incredible journey. I'm happy and sad to see this series end, but it does so perfectly!"
NYT Bestselling Author Heidi McLaughlin

"The perfect blend of sass, wit, and poignant relatability, Kylie and Trace will have you cheering, grinning, and squirming until you reach the satisfying ending."
Rachel Harris, NYT Bestselling Author

*** Excerpt ***

She paced alongside the back of the barn with her friend trailing behind. "I can't be here, Mia. It's like torture. You don't understand." She shook her head and put her hands on her knees. She took a few deep breaths, thankful that she'd been able to send Rae to get her something to drink before she broke down. "Seeing him is hard enough. Seeing him here... oh God. Seeing him with her here, I won't live through that. I won't."

"You will. I promise you will. Relax, Oklahoma. Sing your one song and we can blow this joint. I can probably get you an actual joint if you want one."

Kylie laughed quietly. "Thanks. I appreciate that."

"Seriously, do you want another drink? There's a flask in my purse in the car. I'd be happy to spike your Coke."

It was tempting. Kylie sighed and leaned against the barn. Remembering she had on a sheer top that would probably tear right open if she caught it on a piece of the splintered wood, she stood abruptly. "I'm okay. You're right. Like my daddy used to say, never let 'em see you cry, right? I'm a big girl. I can do this."

Mia grinned. "Atta girl, Oklahoma. So what song are you going to sing?"

At that, Kylie's eyes went wide. "Oh sweet Jesus."

"That a new one?" Mia's eyes darted in every direction as she tried to figure out what Kylie might be seeing that upset her. "What's wrong?"

"I can't sing any of my songs." She shook her head and closed her eyes briefly.

Her friend scrunched her brow in confusion. "Um, oh-kay. Why not?"

Panic radiated from Kylie's gaze as she answered so low Mia could barely hear her. "'Cause they're all about him."

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*** About the Author ***

Caisey Quinn lives in Birmingham, Alabama with her husband, daughter, and other assorted animals. She is the bestselling author of the Kylie Ryans series as well as several New Adult Romance novels featuring country girls finding love in unexpected places. You can find her online.

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*Double Release Day Launch + Playlist + Teasers* JAKE and JAX (The Mitchell/Healy Family #4-5) by Jennifer Foor @jennyfoor @InkSlingerPR

We are excited to bring you the DOUBLE RELEASE DAY LAUNCH for JAKE and JAX the next two books in the Mitchell-Healy Series!!!

Jake must be read first because they both complement each other.

The Mitchell/Healy Family #4
Jennifer Foor

Release Date: February 8th, 2015

*** Synopsis ***

Jake Mitchell has spent his whole life tied at the hip with his best friend and twin brother Jax. They've shared everything, except for women, which was easy since their tastes were so different.

From the moment she walked into the room Jake knew she was special, with her flowing brown locks, supple body, and a smile that could brighten any day. An accident leaves her vulnerable and in the arms of his brother. From that moment she's in awe of Jax.

Jake tries his best to keep away from Reese Miller. He disrespects her and tells everyone how much she annoys him to make sure she stays at a distance.

Reese can't stand that Jake hates her. She's determined to change his mind, not knowing he's desperately trying to protect his relationship with his brother, and his family.

When the two find themselves alone during a winter storm all bets are off, and what happens next could change everything, including the bond between two brothers.

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The Mitchell/Healy Family #5
Jennifer Foor

Release Date: February 8th, 2015

*** Synopsis ***

Jax Mitchell isn't the only one with his handsome face, though he wishes that were different. Everything's changed in a short amount of time, after his twin brother came between him and his girlfriend, Reese.

With the hurt still lingering in every direction he turns, Jax picks up and moves to Kentucky to work on his uncle's cattle ranch. It isn't long until he meets someone that not only helps him get over Reese, but also encourages him to forgive his brother.

Can the twins make amends or has the damage that's been done too much to forget?

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The Mitchell/Healy Family #4

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The Mitchell/Healy Family #5

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The Mitchell/Healy Family #1

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The Mitchell/Healy Family #2

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The Mitchell/Healy Family #3

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Mitchell Family Box Set 1

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Mitchell Family Box Set 2

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*** About the Author ***

Jennifer Foor is an award winning Contemporary Romance Author. She's best known for The Mitchell Family series, which includes ten books.

She is married with two children and spends most of her time behind a keyboard, writing stories that come from her heart.

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