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StepSister Devotion:
The Complete Series
Eve Cates

Genre: Erotic Romance

Release Date: April 29, 2015

✾ Synopsis ✾

Forbidden love between a stepbrother and a stepsister. Told from the male point of view. 18+ due to sex scenes and language.

She had me at the word 'Run'.

I first met my stepsister, Abigail Dorset at a wedding – my father had left my mom and married hers; I went there expecting to hate her.

Instead, I found something much worse... I found my soul mate. It was in the form of a girl who looked just like Snow White, and just like in the fairy tale, there was a wicked stepmother who would do everything in her power to keep control over her daughter's destiny. Being a Dorset meant you have to marry into the right gene pool and appear to be of the highest moral code. Abigail's life was mapped out the day she was born. I was seen as bump in the road – a deviant boy who needed to be avoided at all costs. So my stepmother kept us apart... or so she thought...

From the moment we met, Abigail and I knew there was something – some invisible force that makes two people want the one thing they can't have. But we wanted it anyway. Over the years, we would fight and lie, sneak and hide – we'd hurt those around us in our need to be together in whatever way we could.

But most of all, we'd hurt each other and we'd hurt ourselves, all in a bid to figure it out and find a way to finally be together because every day we spend apart feels like dying.

A life with love is magical. Without it, living is torture.

Follow Sebastian Hawke and Abigail Dorset as they embark of a journey of love and devotion, kept secret, spanning years. Watch, as it drives them together and tears them apart before bringing them together again, older and wiser, ready to find a way – to do whatever it takes – because being apart from the one person you were born to love, isn't an option.

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✿ Excerpt ✿

I pull at the trapdoor in a hurry, the ladder catching slightly, making me need to fold it back up and slow down before it will open properly so I can climb up.

When I reach the top, I see her straight away, looking at the old records that sit in a crate in the floor beside the gramophone.

"I thought you'd changed your mind," she says as I slip the bolt into place and make my way toward her.

"I'm sorry," I say quietly, moving to stand beside her. "I was playing guitar, and I lost track of time."

She slides an old Ella Fitzgerald record out of the stack and holds it in front of her, her face the picture of serene beauty as she studies the cover. "I know, I heard you," she says.

"I stood outside your door and listened. You're very good."

I take the record she's holding from her hands, wishing I could paint so I could capture her beauty on canvas, as I place the record on the turntable, flicking the switch so the old machine whirs to life. A quiet melody fills the room.

She smiles happily, closing her eyes and swaying slightly to the soft tune. God, she's beautiful.

"Here," I say, taking her hand and pulling her against me. She takes in a slow breath and I slide one arm around her waist and hold the other hand against my chest as I keep my eyes on hers, swaying with her, the two of us alone in this dusty oasis. Slowly, we move, our bodies melting into each other and all of the noise of my mind leaves me. Being with Abi is better than music and better than swimming or running. It's better than any moment before and probably every moment after. It feels like perfection. And at some point during the dance, I decide that one summer will be enough. It will have to be enough – because I can't not have her. I can't reach the end of my days and look back, knowing that I missed this because I was too stubborn or greedy to just accept what I could have.

"So, is this where you hide out when you're here on your own?" she asks.

I rest my chin on the top of her head and she rests her cheek against my chest. It's perfection. This moment is perfection.

"Yeah, it's quiet and no one comes up here."

"Do you think I can share it with you? Do you think this could be ours? A place where our parents don't exist and neither does the world and it's just us, Abigail and Sebastian, and nothing and no one else."

She pulls back from my chest and looks up at me with blue eyes filled with sincerity and it doesn't take me long to answer because I know this is the only way it's going to work. "I'd like that," I respond, my voice not much more than a whisper as I look down at her, my heart thudding against my rib cage as my body heats and buzzes with her closeness.

She looks back at me and I can sense the invisible need that's in the air between us, drawing us closer.

"This is how it's going to be, isn't it?" I whisper, knowing I should stop but not wanting to.

"Yes," she whispers back.

"I still want more."

"I know."

Then I kiss her. It starts off slow and sweet, lips and soft tongues, then it grows more insistent as every cell in my body screams for more of her. My hands slip down and grip her ass, my fingers meeting the soft flesh as they skirt the edge of her panties. I release a moan, my cock growing painfully hard as I realize that we’re really doing this.

She pulls back and looks up at me, her cheeks flushed with desire and her red lips brighter from our kissing.

"Let's try this again," she whispers, looking up at me as she reaches for the base of my shirt and pulls it up my body. Smiling, I help to pull it over my head and drop it on the floor beside us.

Her gaze travels over my torso and she pulls at her lip with her teeth and I'm filled with an overwhelming desire to bite it myself. I reach for her, my hand gripping the back of her head as I bring her mouth to mine and kiss her hard, catching her bottom lip between my teeth as I pull back and say, "Take it off," as I nod toward her shirt.

She grins at me, her eyes sparkling as she reaches down and lift her tank top over her head, revealing a white lace bra that is so fucking sexy, I want to tear it off her tits with my teeth.

I reach out for her again but she places her hand on my chest and says, "Wait, I want to show you something first."

She takes my hand and leads me further into the attic where I can see a soft glowing light behind a row of shelves as we round the corner. There's a mattress on the floor, made up and illuminated by a camping lantern.

"Good find."

"You like?"

"I love."

Sliding my arm around her waist, I pull her against me and kiss her again, using my other hand to pull down the cup of her bra and get that first touch of her bare flesh.

"God, you're like a fucking dream," I moan as I feel her nipple harden to my touch. I slowly lower her to the mattress and keep my hand on her breast, kissing my way down until I take her hard nipple into my mouth and swirl my tongue around its peak.

I'm so fucking turned on that it's hard to see straight. It's even worse than my first time, and my desire is pulsing in my pants, demanding that I get inside her as fast as I can.

But that's not what I want. What I want is to make her come so damn hard that every guy she's ever had before me will pale in comparison. I want it so she'll never want another man again. I want to make her mine, brand her with my mouth and my hands and my cock. I want every part of her buzzing in ecstasy, so that she forever craves me the way I crave her. Then maybe she’ll see what I see – one summer won’t be enough.

✿ The Author ✿

Eve Cates is a twenty-something author of contemporary erotic romance. She loves all things naughty, demanding men and difficult situations (pass the popcorn please). Her first series, StepSister Devotion, will be told in four parts, releasing via Kindle Unlimited.

Eve has loved writing ever since she picked up her first crayon and penned a note to her imaginary friend 'Pok'. Accused of being a 'dreamer' as she grew, she's taken that notion and turned her daydreams into stories to delight and satisfy her readers.

When she isn't writing, you'll find her at home with her husband, four children, and two dogs.

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♡ Pre-Order ♡ My Soul To Wake (Stain #1) by Tara Oakes @Lil_Oakes #WAKEME

My Soul to Wake will be available for pre-order on May 23rd and May 24th for 0.99 cents.

Make sure to get it at that time before it goes up to it's regular price of $2.99!

You can find teasers and the trailer as well as the synopsis below!

My Soul To Wake
Stain #1
Tara Oakes

Release Date: May 25th 2015

✾ Synopsis ✾

True love.

These are the things of legend. Unexplained, some even say impossible, but nonetheless prevalent in stories and tales from all cultures and in every land from the beginning of time. What if there is something to it? What if there is an explanation behind the mysteries and bedtime stories? Something beyond words?


She was taken from him in the cruelest way... condemned, sentenced and punished out of fear of the unknown. How is he supposed to live without her? How can he go on knowing that in this life, by the natural order of things, they will never be together? There's only one thing to do... only one option that will bring them together again.


Amelia is taken on a weekend excursion with her best girlfriends to let loose, relax and have a little fun. What harm is there in a little vacation? It's not like the legends, the haunted history of the place can scare them away. It's all harmless fun.

Or so she thought.

Something seems familiar about the town. The trees, the winds, the feel of everything. Her ever present nightmares have become more intense within the limits of the old historical setting. She's prepared to write off the whole trip as nothing more than a case of her mind running away with the sensationalized magic here. When she meets a handsome stranger who's eager to know her in a way no one else can, she begins to think there may be something more to this place, something more to him.

Will has been waiting, biding his time, and praying that she'll come back. He's broken the natural order of things to possibly find her again, weaving their way through the years until they can be together again. He knows he may never find her, but he can't risk not trying. This place calls to her, just as it did to him. It will bring her back home. It will bring her back to him.

What's 300 years when it comes to true love? He's prepared to wait an eternity if he has to, just to see her, hold her, kiss her again.. to make her remember what was stolen from them so long ago. To make her remember who she is, the power she possesses and the love they swore to each other.

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My Soul to Wake will be releasing on Memorial Day, 2015.

MAY 25TH, 2015

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✿ The Author ✿

Tara is a thirty something newbie author from Long Island, New York. She's a voracious reader, a passionate writer and obsessive junk T.V. aficionado. When she's not doing one of those three things she is attempting to garden, hanging with her hubby or partaking in some retail therapy. She enjoys connecting with her readers and is having a blast entering into this new world of publishing

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♡ Release Blitz + #Giveaway ♡ In Sly's Eyes (Marco's MMA Boys #2) by S.M. Donaldson @BTSPromosPR

In Sly's Eyes
Marco's MMA Boys #2
S.M. Donaldson

Release Date: May 11, 2015

✾ Synopsis ✾

Kara Chambers plays by her own rules, she has since she graduated high school. Knowing from experience that her body wasn't one that guys wanted to keep around, she'd drop them before they could drop her. One night, that's all she ever gives. One night and she'd be able to get the sexiness, known as Sly Webb out of her system. No complications, no awkwardness, just one night.

Yeah, right.

Sylvester "Sly" Webb is living his dream, working full time at the gym for his surrogate father and now, a big MMA league wants to sign contracts with them. What else does he need? His best friend, Lox, is newly engaged to a great girl, but that commitment shit has never been for him. He's always believed in the "hit it and quit it" system. He doesn't need a full time woman messing up his plans. He damn sure doesn't want someone like his mother, who never let him or his twin brother slow down her drunken social life.

Until meeting Kara for the first time, she threw him for a loop. All of that voluptuous sassiness made his head swim. Then she came to his fight and followed him home, but what happened next was something he thinks he'll never understand. Now, he can't get her out of his head. In his eyes she's perfect, but how can he prove that to her?

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✿ The Series ✿

Letting Lox In
Marco's MMA Boys #1

✾ Synopsis ✾

Sloan Foster was always a good girl. An honor student in high school, she had big plans for herself, and then college happened. She thought she'd met the man of her dreams in hometown football star Lucas Smith. Then she had the earth shattering realization that dreams were just that…dreams. She found herself pregnant, right about the time he got drafted for the NFL and dropped her like a bad habit. Now a struggling 25 year old single mom, she works as a massage therapist and is determined to take care of her son, Sage, on her own, without a dime from him. No matter how many times he tries to pay her to ensure her silence.

Loxley Storm was raised by his mom, his dad was a dead beat he never knew. Growing up, he had anger issues and got into a lot of trouble for fighting. Thankfully, a man named Marco took him under his wing and helped him learn to control his anger by fighting... in the ring. Now 26, he is an MMA fighter working to become pro, helping run Marco's gym along with his best friends, Sly and Huck. To the trio, getting tied down with women is something they don't need. To blow off steam, they have the "hit it and quit it" motto.

Until an injury in a fight lands Lox on Sloan's massage table, where sparks fly and neither can deny the attraction. The more pieces of Sloan Lox finds out, the more he respects her and her accomplishments as a single mom. Sloan is hesitant to trust another man, and she sure doesn't want to risk her son getting hurt, but how long can she keep Lox at arm's length? Will she let Lox in? Or will she let her past ruin her chances of finding love again?

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✿ The Author ✿

S.M. Donaldson is a born and raised Southern girl. She grew up in a small rural town on Florida's Gulf Coast, the kind of place where everyone knows your business before you do, especially when your Daddy is a cop and your Mom works for the school system. She married one of her best friends at the age of 20 and has one son. She is a proud military wife, has always had a soft spot for a good story, and is known to have a potty mouth. At the age of 31, she decided there was no time like the present to attempt her first book. Sam's Choice was born and she hasn't stopped since. If you are looking for a good, steamy, Southern set romance with true Southern dialect, she's your girl.

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