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♡ Release Blitz ♡ Beat (Life on Stage #2) by Vi Keeland @ViKeeland @RSofRomance

Meet Flynn and Lucky in this rock star romance!


Life on Stage #2
Vi Keeland

Release Date: June 15, 2015

Genre: A contemporary romance novel

Cover designer: Sommer Stein, Perfect Pear Creative

Model: Nicolas Simoes

Photographer: Brice Hardelin

Release Date: June 15, 2015

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✿ Excerpt ✿

Despite the fact that Lucky had just casually mentioned that the lobby lounge serves coffee beginning at six a.m., I'm pretty sure of myself that she'll be down there. But when I step off the elevator, the lobby is quiet. Empty. The coffee urns are just being set up in the lounge. I pour two mugs, make them just as we like it, and settle on one of the couches on the far side of the room where it's private, yet I can still keep an eye on the door.

I grab a newspaper and begin to flip through to kill time. Then my eyes catch a pair of pink-painted toes in flip-flops. I don't know why, but it's in this moment that I realize, I'm fucked.

The sight of her toes makes me smile.

I'm falling for another guy's girl. Something I promised myself I'd never do.

But then I reason with myself. I haven't done anything wrong. Thinking a woman is beautiful and spending time with her doesn't have to turn into anything, right? They're just toes after all. But look how cute they are. I've never been a foot guy, yet I wouldn't mind sucking... Stop. Just stop. We're just friends.

Because I've been friends with so many hot women in the past and not fucked them? Yep. I'm screwed. I need to get the hell out of here.

"Good morning," she whispers and smiles down at me. My eyes lazily travel up from her toes.

I'm totally not going anywhere.

I hold up her mug of coffee. And then I realize she still has the thin shirt she wears to sleep on and I'm eye-level with the sexiest taut nipples I've ever seen.

Screw sucking her toes... "Certainly is." I grin.

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Worth the Fight
MMA Fighter #1

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Worth The Chance
MMA Fighter #2

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Worth Forgiving
MMA Fighter #3

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Belong to You
Cole #1

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Made For You
Cole #2

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First Thing I See

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Left Behind

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✿ The Author ✿

Vi Keeland is a native New Yorker with three children that occupy most of her free time, which she complains about often, but wouldn't change for the world. She is a bookworm and has been known to read her kindle at stop lights, while styling her hair, cleaning, walking, during sporting events, and frequently while pretending to work. She is a boring attorney by day, and an exciting smut author by night!

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♡ Release Day Blitz + #Giveaway ♡ Change Rein (Willow Bay Stables #1) by Anne Jolin @authorannejolin @HeaBookToursPR

Change Rein
Willow Bay Stables #1
Anne Jolin

Genre: Contemporary Romance & Sports Equestrian Romance

Cover Model: Carmen Mateo Delgado

Photographer : Diego Durden

Cover Designer: Sara Eirew

✾ Synopsis ✾

London Daniels is returning home to Willow Bay, Alberta, on the heels of a televised loss. She blew her shot at the Summer Olympics and cost Canada the gold medal in dressage.

During her years of training abroad, her family's stable has fallen on hard times, and thus, they've accepted an offer to board the racehorses of Branson Tucker, the infamous tycoon, for the winter.

London lacks conviction after her ill-fated fall. And as if returning to her hometown to watch her epic failure replay on everyone's big screen isn't torture enough, she's expected to cater to a man with an ego bigger than her hundred-acre farm just to earn a dime.

Is London saddling up for another ride that will leave both her heart and her ass in the dirt? Or could the handsome, unwanted guest at Willow Bay Stables be her second chance to go for gold?

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✿ Playlist ✿

If It Ain't Too Much To Ask – Jackson Young

Tennessee Whiskey – Chris Stapleton

My Heart Skips a Beat – Dwight Yoakam

Angels Fall Sometimes – Josh Turner

Love on Me – Brent Cobb

Ride (feat. Macy Maloy) – Chase Rice

Cowboys and Angels – Dustin Lynch

A Soft Place to Fall – Allison Moorer

Sober Me Up – Frankie Ballard

How 'Bout Them Cowgirls – George Straight

Real Good Man – Tim McGraw

Why God Made Love Songs – Joel Crouse

On to Something Good – Ashley Monroe

Kiss by Kiss – Brett Young

Smoke – A Thousand Horses

Georgia Rain – Trisha Yearwood

Cowgirl – Tyler Farr

Shut Me Up – Old Dominion

Little Bitty Dreams – Will Hoge

She's Got This Thing About Her – Chris Young

Forever and Ever, Amen – Randy Travis

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✿ The Author ✿

Hey y'all,

I was born and raised in Ladner, a small farm town just outside Vancouver, Canada. I grew up riding horses, shooting guns, and driving in trucks.

I never expected to be an author. A massage therapist? Yes. Take over the family construction company? Yes. But an author? No. Writing was something that snuck up on me and rooted itself into my life. It was beautiful to discover that love, and I'm truly grateful to say I've found my passion.

Since I've always been a creative person, it feels amazing to harness all of that energy and use it to tell a story I love. I enjoy incorporating bits of my real life into the stories I write. What parts are true? Hah. I'll never tell — what would be the fun in that?

If I could leave y'all with one thing, it's that life's far too short to not live it out loud. Drown in your passions, hold on tight to the things that inspire you, and chase your dreams relentlessly. I can promise you without a doubt that you won't regret it. I know I don't.

Mad love,
Anne Jolin


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♡ Release Blitz + #Giveaway ♡ Words Left Unsaid by Missy Johnson @missycjohnson @givemebooksblog

Words Left Unsaid
Missy Johnson

Release Date: June 15, 2015

✾ Synopsis ✾

At 8:28 I was the girl who had everything.

At 8:29 my whole world fell apart.

A split second can change your life. I learned this the hard way. I wasn't ready to let him go. Even when the terms "vegetative state" and "will never recover" were thrown around I held onto hope. I mean, miracles happen, right?

We deserved our happy ending.

Three years later and I'm still hoping. In my heart I know I have to let him go but how can I? He's the only man I've ever loved. He's my soul mate. My life.

Then I meet Max. He's everything Aiden isn't and as much as I'm trying to fight my feelings, I'm losing. I don't want to fight anymore.

I need to live my life.

I need to move on.

But in order to move forward I need to let go of the past.

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✿ The Author ✿

A New York Times and USA Today bestselling author, Missy lives in a small town in Victoria, Australia with her husband and her confused pets (a dog who thinks that she is a cat, a cat who thinks he is a dog... you get the picture).

When she's not writing, she can usually be found looking for something to read.

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♡ Release Blitz + #Giveaway ♡ Leather & Lace (Inferno Glory MC #1) by J.A. Fredericks @givemebooksblog

Leather & Lace
Inferno Glory MC #1
J.A. Fredericks

Release Date: June 15, 2015

✾ Synopsis ✾

* This is a serial. The installments are not novel length. *

The day Harley Sonnick is released from a three year prison sentence for a crime she didn't willingly commit, she returns to the only family she has left — the Inferno Glory MC. But the club's president isn't ready to forgive her for past sins and turns her away, forcing her to trust in a new club member who's arguably the sexiest man she's ever laid eyes on.

Colt Sawyer, a young military veteran like the other MC members, is elusive and doesn't have much to do with the women throwing themselves at him until Harley comes riding into his life on her own motorcycle. Together with his best friend and fellow MC member Ranger, Colt will do everything in his power to remind Harley what it's like to be pleasured by a man and make her feel at home despite the reluctance of the MC.

Things take an unexpected turn when Harley's worldly possessions are ripped away, forcing her to rethink her future. But she isn't a pathetic princess in need of saving and is reluctant to accept help. Prison made her hard, forcing her to guard her feelings at all costs. So when dark, blue eyed Colt does inexplicable things to both her body and heart, she's forced down a dark path of passion and desire that threatens all the safeguards she's set in place.

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✿ The Author ✿

J.A. Fredericks is a contemporary and paranormal erotica author who adores sexy stories with ghosts, vampires, tattooed bikers, and anything hot that likes to bite. When not spending time on the back of her hubby's Harley, she can be found at concerts, movies, bars, or anywhere excitement is found. Previously published several other YA paranormal novels, but ready to crank up the steam and going stealth mode under a pen name.

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♡ Release Day Blitz ♡ Footprints In The Sand by Michelle Horst @MichelleAHorst

Footprints In The Sand
Michelle Horst

Release Date: June 15th, 2015

He is all I think and dream about.
My teenage heart beats only for him.
Until he becomes part of my worst nightmare...
Now, I avoid him.
I ban every thought of him.

(This is a stand alone novel. It is written from both Lacey and Seth's point of view.)
WARNING: This book has violence, sexual scenes and language in it. It is recommended for 18+ only. If you suffer from any triggers, do not read this book.

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School's been out for a week already and I have not seen Seth once. I must be the only one who hates summer break, well, me and my best friend Natalie. She has to go visit her father every summer. I'm so bored when she's not around. There's not much to do in a RV so I spend most of my time at the beach.

I don't bother with shoes, as they will only fill with sand. I love to feel the sand beneath my feet. I grab a book and weave my way through the RVs, in the direction of the beach. I love listening to the sound of the waves rolling in and lapping against the shore, while getting lost in a good book. Maybe that can take my mind of Seth for a short while. All these emotions for him can be overwhelming at times.

My chest expands with excitement as I get closer to Seth's RV. As I'm about to walk by, I slow in the hopes of getting a glimpse of him. I'm almost past his RV when the door opens. Hope spikes in my chest only to be deflated when Mr. Brody steps out onto the small patch of green grass between the street and the RV.

"Morning, Lacey," he calls out to me. "You're up early. No sleeping in during break?"

I giggle nervously, "Just like going to the beach, Mr. Brody."

"You take care out there. You've heard about the girls going missing? We wouldn't want you to be one of them."

I nod and quickly continue down the street. A few girls have gone missing. I don't know any of them, just seen posters up everywhere and seen it on the news.

I find a spot close to the dock, where I have some shade to sit in. I dig my butt deep into the sand and rest my book on my knees. Soon I'm lost in the pages. Every time the sun starts to climb up my legs, I scoot along the dock, after the shade. I'm so caught up in my book that I don't even notice other people arriving, until a ball slams hard into the book, causing it to slam into my face. I drop my book and grab the ball so I can throw it back.

"Aww... shit! You're so white I didn't even see you over there," a boy calls out. I scowl up, catching the glare of the sun and have to squint to see who the jerk is. I recognize Hayden. He completes the trio with Seth and Marcus. I quickly glance around the strip of beach and feel elated when I spot Seth walking towards us. He's wearing shorts and is shirtless, and it's showing off a lot of muscles and skin. Oh, my gosh! I can stare at him all day long. He's so handsome! I wonder what it would feel like to touch his chest.

"Girl," Hayden whistles just as Seth reaches us. Hayden bursts out laughing and my eyes dart back to him. He waves a hand over the length of me, "who the hell wears jeans to the beach? You're so fucking white I need sunglasses so I don't burn my eyes just looking at you."

Embarrassment flashes hot through me and I feel my cheeks warming. It's safe to say I now hate Hayden Roberts.

Before I can say something in my defense, Seth steps forward. "Hey, back off, man. What she ever do to you?"

Hayden lets out a bark of laughter. "The mouse almost scorched my fucking eyes out." He steps up to me and throws his arm around my shoulder. "I tell you what, Mouse." He wags his eyebrows suggestively. "How about you get out of all of that," he waves over my body and I feel my neck and cheeks flush hotter than before, "and then we'll see if that blush colors your whole body." I shove him away and bend to pick up my book. "Such a pity, it sure looks like you have a fine ass." Another bark of laughter is all it takes from Hayden to make my temper explode.

I swing around and the corner of the book clips Hayden's cheek. Stunned I watch as he grabs his face and roars with pain. "Bitch! What the fuck man?"

Seth steps between us, but not before I see the red welt and tiny drop of blood on Hayden's cheek. Hayden is going to be so pissed! I'm not sticking around to see what he does. I take off running home, not sparing either boy another glance.

Only when I reach our RV do I dare to peek down the street. No one followed me. I let out a huff of air. "Stupid jerk!" I lash out as I open the door. "The one time I get to see Seth and Hayden has to ruin it!" I fill a glass with water and drink it standing by the sink, and then I remember that Seth stood up for me.

"EEEEEP!" I shriek and start to jump up and down. "He freaking stood up for me! Twice! Oh, my gosh! I'm going to die!" I fall back on the couch and stare at the ceiling, but all I see is Seth.

Michelle Horst is thirty seven years old and is from the land of milk and honey. She's been in love with reading from an early age. She has a passion for other cultures, but she has an ultimate soft spot for nature and animals. She first tried her hand at writing in early 2009 and as the first words started to form into a book, she knew she was hooked. Dreams spilled onto pages, and that was the beginning of a wonderful journey. One filled with joy. One filled with passion and heart stopping moments. But most of all, it's filled with such pride and peace as a story comes to life, and characters fill your life, living in the very walls of your mind, living in the minds of your readers. There is nothing as satisfying as that. Thank you for each and every story you share with me.
Sunshine Smiles from around the world and back, Michelle ;).

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