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♡ Review ♡ Raining Down Rules (Raining Down #1) by B.K. Rivers @WriterRivers @YABOUNDTOURSPR #Review

♡ Review ♡

Raining Down Rules
Raining Down #1
B.K. Rivers

Release Date: February 9th 2016

Genre: NA Contemporary Romance

Publisher: Limitless Publishing

✾ Synopsis ✾

Jemma Bowers hasn't kissed anyone in over a thousand days. She knows — she's counted.

For twenty-year-old Jemma, rules are not meant to be broken... even if she's the one who created them. Friendships have boundaries, relationships mean trouble, and don't even get her started on sex. Haunted by the death of her mother and her father's abandonment, Jemma finds herself hungry for something meaningful and permanent, but is afraid of what may happen if she pursues it.

Jordan Capshaw can't fight his addiction. Not even if it will cost him his career...

When Jemma finds Jordan drunk and barefoot in the street, she convinces him to get in her car. Aside from the fact he's the lead singer of her favorite band and pretty much the rock star of her dreams, she quickly realizes his addiction is a monster neither of them can control.

Who knew choosing between a rock star and a fireman could be so difficult?

Emotions run high as Jemma soon finds herself caught between the troubled rock star and her growing affections for Vic Harper, a swoon-worthy firefighter from her past. But when her grandmother passes away, leaving her with no other family, Jemma's world falls apart.

To save herself from further heartbreak, she risks it all by breaking her own rules, and putting her heart on the line.

After all, the heart just might be the biggest rule breaker of them all.

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✿ My Review ✿

Loved Raining Down Rules!!!

After a tragic event, Jemma Bowers created her own rules about friendship and relationships. But when she has to go back to her hometown to care for her sick grandmother and meeting Jordan Capshaw, the bad boy rockstar, and Vic Harper, her high school crush, she finds that maybe breaking her rules are what is best for her.

Raining Down Rules is a captivating book with an incredible story. It is very emotional and has lots of drama, but also very sexy scenes. I loved that the story was told from different POVs.

I loved Jemma. She went through a lot in her life. And she is only twenty! She is very strong and follows her rules to a T. At first I didn't understand why she has all those rules, but when the truths comes out, I connected better with Jemma. Throughout the book, Jemma grows a lot and starts letting loose a bit and starts breaking her own rules.
Jordan is a bad boy rockstar, loved and adored by many. He is hot and deep down is a good guy. But he has an addiction. And sometimes that addiction is stronger than him, making him do things that he knows he shouldn't. Sometimes I didn't know if I loved him or if I hated him.
I loved Vic! He is the total opposite of Jordan. He is sweet, kind, very gentle, caring, and hot. He is a good guy and I couldn't help but fall for him.

B.K. Rivers wrote a fantastic book, with an amazing story and awesome characters. Raining Down Rules is a fast and easy read that you'll not be able to put down. can't wait to read Jordan's story!

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Raining Down Redemption
Raining Down #2
B.K. Rivers

Release Date: mid to late 2016

Publisher: Limitless Publishing

Jordan and Reggie's story

✿ The Author ✿

BK Rivers grew up riding through rolling fields of grain on horseback, driving hay trucks and catching frogs in a silver creek. She traded country life for the big city when she married the love of her life, but the heart always returns to the country.

BK, her husband and three children live in the Phoenix suburbs on their own mini farm surrounded by crowing roosters and the low nicker of horses. When she's not writing, she can be found baking anything sweet, in fact it's been said her brownies are so good they save marriages.

The inspiration for her novels comes in many forms, but mostly from her Gotye channel on Pandora. She writes young adult and new adult novels to the beat of Gotye, Snow Patrol and many others.

A note from BK: While I do write in the new adult category, you will notice a couple differences in my novels. First and foremost is the lack of the "F" word. And actually this is true of all my novels, regardless of the genre or age category. I don't use it in my every day speaking, nor do I believe it's necessary in reading material — therefore, you will not find it in any of my books.

Secondly, though my novels may include sex or sexual scenes, you won't find the over-usage of physical description during the act. I don't necessarily believe in the old-fade-to-black, but you won't find erotica in my writing — I'm not that kind of writer.

I do hope you enjoy my novels, I love writing them and challenging myself to always write better.

~ BK

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