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♡ New Release ♡ The Princess and the Clown by Ian Thomas Malone @ianthomasmalone #Live #OneClick

♡ New Release ♡

The Princess and the Clown
Ian Thomas Malone

Genre: Satirical erotic romantic comedy

✾ Synopsis ✾

Clowning around isn't all about red noses and rubber chickens...

For Ralph, birthday parties and frat houses only bring nostalgia
For a better time. A time when the world still cared about the craft.
Living in the past can be tiring with nothing to look forward to.

Until Jules...

The princess. Struggling to make ends meet, she monetizes her
Best talent. The performance, plus the petticoats, hide her carnal desires.

Ralph's mind forgets its woes when lust takes over,
Breathing new life into pores caked with white makeup.

Time fades away, but the party never needs to end.

One question remains. Can Ralph handle her wild ways?

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✿ Excerpt ✿

"Atta boy Jango. Let's have a look at that trouser snake of yours." Her voice carried.

"Will you shut the fuck up? I'm changing in broad daylight and you're talking about whipping out penises and shit. You got a filter on that mouth of yours hotcakes?"

"Oooh. Hotcakes. That's the kind of talk that can really get a girl wet. Oh clown, don't stop baby. Your words alone can induce moisture in my south pole."

Ralph stopped for a second to consider what he was getting himself into. She reminded him of his ex-wife. Knew exactly what to say to get him to do what she wanted. He wondered if that could also be what he wanted. A strong, authoritative woman.

✿ The Author ✿

Ian Thomas Malone is an author and a yogi from Greenwich, CT. He is a graduate of Boston College, where he founded The Rock at Boston College. He is the grandson of noted Sherlockian scholar Colonel John Linsenmeyer. Ian has published thousands of articles on diverse subjects such as popular culture, baseball, and social commentary. His favorite things to post on social media are pictures of his golden retriever Georgie and his collection of stuffed animals.

Ian believes firmly that "there's more to life than books you know, but not much more," a quote from his hero Morrissey. When he's not reading, writing, or teaching yoga, he can probably be found in a pool playing water polo. He aspires to move to the Hundred Acre Wood someday, though he hopes it has wi-fi by then.

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