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Battler #1
C.L. Masonite

Release Date: July 20, 20160

Genre: NA/Contemp Romance

Cover Design: Kari Ayasha at Cover to Cover Designs

For years I have been cast away — afar, out of reach, out of sight, out of mind. But now I'm back. I've been brought back into the fold, and I don't know why. But I'll find out, no matter the cost.

I'll also break free from the shark infested waters littered with those that seek to restrain me, to keep me in line — my ex, my father, my mother, my sister.

And as for the Wolfe twin brothers, I'll take them on. And I'll take them out too.

Drasko Wolfe thinks that he'll make me his — but I am all mine. If he thinks I am going to be just another conquest, and do things at his behest then he may do so at his own coroner's inquest.

I am not just fighting for my survival, I am fighting for my little brother's protection, and that makes me doubly motivated and doubly dangerous.

I — Riletta Kasonite will best them all and come out on top. I will bow those who seek to hurt me to my will until they renounce their lies — until they come clean and their secrets are exposed. Until I get what I want.

WARNING: Contains countless confrontations, not to mention mature, young adult/ adult situations too.

When I read Battler's blurb, I knew I had to read the book and it didn't disappoint.

Riletta Kasonite is a loner. She has no friends and her family hates her. The only light in her life is her little brother. But in order for her to see and be with her brother, she has to comply to her parents rules.
After one mistake and under the threat of being cut off from her brother's life, Riletta has to become close to Drasko Wolfe.

Battler is a great book with a captivating story. It's full of drama, angst and steamy scenes. The twists, secrets and mystery kept me hooked from the first page.
And how it ended? Bang! What a cliffhanger!

Riletta is a strong young woman, but she is also broken. Her family always neglected and abused her. She is a fighter, a survivor.
Drasko hides himself behind is privileged life. But inside he is broken. He had a rough upbringing, but he wants to be a better person.

My only problem with Battler was the characters' age. Sometimes I didn't know if the characters were in high school or in college. Their actions are way beyond their ages.

Overall, C.L. Masonite did an amazing job with Battler. The book will hook you from the first page and will keep you wanting more.
Great debut!

Writing isn't a job – it's not a way of life - it's a dream!

I lived thousands of moments and I've been to thousands of places crafted by the soul crushing and soul mending words of thousands of authors. (Metaphorically raises glass of gin and tonic) Here's to hoping I've created one thousandth of a moment of life for you...

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