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♡ Blog Tour + #Giveaway ♡ Ready For Flynn: Part 3 (Ready for Flynn #3) by K.L. Shandwick @klshandwick @InkSlingerPR #Live #OneClick

♡ Blog Tour ♡

Today we have the blog tour for Ready For Flynn: Part 3 by K.L. Shandwhick!

Check it out and grab your copy today!

Ready For Flynn: Part 3
Ready for Flynn #3
K.L. Shandwick

Release Date: September 22nd 2016

✾ Synopsis ✾

Life had never been easy for Rock God, Flynn Docherty. At a tender age, he'd locked down past personal tragedy, hurt, and pain to make his life bearable when most would have crumbled from what he witnessed. When Valerie Darsin entered into his life their instant attraction later grew into the kind of love that most of us can only dream about, after she'd survived her own traumatic event.

In many ways, they were two hearts that beat as one sharing a love so profound and rare they were destined to be together. Can two damaged people with tragic pasts really be what each other needs?

Unlucky in love, Valerie's trust issues are never far from the surface and with her past full of hurt, and a man like Flynn, can Valerie ever truly accept how he feels? Driven in business Valerie is a ball-breaker but less confident in affairs of the heart. Do values like trust, honesty, love, and commitment really survive in a world where a rock star has millions of followers who are willing to do literally anything for their idol?

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✿ Excerpt ✿

After delivering an encore to please our horde of followers we ran off stage, me heading straight to my girl. I was always on a high after performing so I picked her up, wrapped her legs around my waist and kissed her the way I'd wanted to from the moment she'd goaded me from the side of the stage. A long low moan tore from her throat as she wiggled her ass under my palms.

"Ah, so watching me sing makes you horny, huh? What do you say we have one hour at the after party and get the hell out of there, so I can give you a private performance, naked," I winked positioning my erect length between her legs and ground myself against her. She squirmed and pressed her tits hard against my sweaty bare chest before lowering her mouth to lick the sweat from my collar bone to my ear. Shivers of desire ran through every cell I possessed. She made me so fucking hard I could have pulled a truck with my dick.

Leaning back, her hands ran up from my waist to my pecs, and she patted my wet skin. I never took my shirt off these days out of respect for her, but under those lights, I wore a light cotton shirt that was open to stave off the relentless heat. "Put me down or take me now," she said with a naughty grin.

"Don't tempt me."

"I already did," she smirked and reached down to stroke her hand over the thick bulge in my jeans.

"Hey, what happened to that innocent girl I met?"

"Didn't you hear? She got corrupted by this hot shot rock star," her sassy reply was followed up with a salacious smile.

"Too fucking right she did," I confirmed kissing her again like she was my oxygen.

"Jesus, Flynn," she gasped when I finally pulled away from her.

"Yeah, we just keep getting better, babe," I said, knowing she felt the chemistry between us as much as I did.

"All right, put me down so you can get cleaned up. I'm going to call Mom, and make sure Liam is settled for the night. I just have a couple of things to sort out here, and I'll meet you before the party."

Valerie dropped her legs, and I slid her slowly over my hard dick on the way down. I craved that contact and groaned roughly. Placing her feet on the floor I patted her ass and yanked her hard against me again, "Don't take too long, you're killing me here," I said, nodding down at my bulging jeans.

Valerie's eyes followed mine, and another smirk quirked her lips. "Nonsense, it just recognized my touch, wait until it sees me later," she teased, giggling as she turned and sashayed away still wearing those incredible fuck-me stiletto heels.

I spun on my heel and headed for the dressing room with purpose. I had one tiny after party to get through then I was intent on taking my woman to bed to get down and dirty with her. I was still buzzing from the adulation of the crowd but tired after a long hard tour. It seemed my work was never done, and there was always time for one more fan — Valerie.

✿ Teasers ✿

✿ The Series ✿

Ready For Flynn: Part 1
Ready for Flynn #1
K.L. Shandwick

Release Date: February 29th 2016

✾ Synopsis ✾

At fifteen years old, Valerie Darsin was loved and cherished by her brothers and boyfriend. Her small town world was happy and secure until a sudden betrayal forced her to flee. Returning home, Valerie found support in Flynn Docherty - a guy who left her with unfamiliar feelings when he disappeared from her life.

Valerie learned to move on, until a life-changing event brought Flynn back, but was she ready?

Has she ever been Ready For Flynn?

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Ready For Flynn: Part 2
Ready for Flynn #2
K.L. Shandwick

Release Date: February 29th 2016

✾ Synopsis ✾

Life for Flynn and Valerie hadn't always been easy. A series of tragedies finally brought them together, and twists of fate made them what they are. An undeniable love keeps them together, but is young love enough in a world full of temptation? With Flynn's career on the line can he accept what Valerie proposes? He knew he could trust her with his heart, but is that the same as believing in her? He knew she could be persuasive and he wanted to give her the world, but was she ready to take the world on with him?

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✿ The Author ✿

Writing came relatively later in life for K.L. Shandwick after a challenge by a friend led to The Everything Trilogy. She loves creating new characters and story lines. Her characters have flaws and she hopes this helps the connection between them and her readers. K.L. enjoys the journeys they take her on during the creation of her stories, and each character has his or her own voice. She doesn't use prepared outlines for her stories preferring the characters to take their own direction as the story progresses. These days K.L. lives in the Yorkshire countryside in the UK, and writes full-time.

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