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Crew #1

Release Date: August 27th 2018

✾ Synopsis ✾

To survive where I live, you have two options.
You can be a Normal — a cheerleader, jock, member of the debate team, or on the yearbook committee. You pretend everything is normal.

Or you can be crew.
You insult us? We hurt you.
You hurt us? We really hurt you.
And if you f*ck with us, we will end you.

My name is Bren.
I'm the only female in the Wolf Crew — the best, fiercest, and most dangerous crew there is — and we have a rule: There's no falling in love.

Well... too late.

** Full-length novel. First book in a YA Series. This book is dark, violent, and not for the faint of heart. **

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✿ My Review ✿

Tijan gives us another masterpiece with Crew. This beautifully written friends-to-lovers romance will take you in a phenomenal journey and you'll love every single second of it. It's emotional, it's raw, and it's full of surprises.

The Wolf Crew is not a simple crew. They are family. Now that they're at their last year of high school, not only they must decide their future after school, they must navigate the intricate politics of Crews and Normals. Especially now that the Reyerson Crew has a new leader, new faces appear at the school, and new feelings start to blossom between Bren and Cross, best friends and Wolf Crew members. Rules are about to be broken and secrets are about to be revealed. Will the Wolf Crew survive all the changes?

I loved Crew! Bren's story is all about family, friendship, and loyalty. Her story took me in a rollercoaster ride of emotions and I couldn't put my Kindle down. There's drama, angst, and violence, with a dash of laughter, sweet moments, and steamy scenes.

Bren is a fierce and strong girl. She's been through a lot and found her family in her crew. They're her pillar. Especially her best friend, Cross. When secrets are revealed, she's afraid of their reaction. But she's really afraid of losing Cross when she realizes her feelings for him are much deeper than friendship. I loved how she always stood up for herself and didn't let the guys be her saviors.
Cross made me swoon a lot. He's a brooding and dark guy but he's very sweet and gentle with Bren. He's loyal to her, his crew and his sister, and he'll do anything for them.

Once again, Tijan hit the jackpot with Crew and these awesome characters. I can't wait to find out what happens next after that ending!

✿ The Author ✿

Tijan is a New York Times Bestselling author that writes suspenseful and unpredictable novels. Her characters are strong, intense, and gut-wrenchingly real with a little bit of sass on the side. Tijan began writing later in life and once she started, she was hooked. She's written multi-bestsellers including the Carter Reed Series, the Fallen Crest Series, and the Broken and Screwed Series among others. She is currently writing a new YA series along with so many more from north Minnesota where she lives with a man she couldn't be without and an English Cocker she adores.

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